Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poster And Slogan About Good Health

happens ...

... that in November the bartender takes a fine: Wild crossing parking in X and Y via A bang of money, things like a hundred of pleurisy. The machine is made out to me, so here comes a fine, obviously with the injunction to address the penalty doubled the money but because we cache them there to pay immediately.

Porc here, porc there, you bring all the pay, I'm sick, etc etc etc ... randomly throw there that the bartender for that violation had already had to pay the forced removal. Removing forzataaaaaaaa?? but you know how much it costs?? ariporc here ariporc there is it possible that earn little money and you throw them in fines??

The convonco Cleaning the garage and basement and in return I'll pay the fine (better say: the fine and then spread a sleeping compassionate about my liver).

happens that a couple of days ago a letter arrives at home: a high demand for damages to me and the insurance company (why? Boh mysteries of the bureaucracy) to break (1 hour and 40) of the service in relation to the rest autotranviario to fuck that night: € 126 that added to the hundreds of fine and the probable removal of 150 lead to considerable cifretta a sixteenth of pleurisy, probably counted down. That for one who earns 800/month is a bang. Was the only then ...

(which goes without saying that if you live and work in the center and it turns the machine share the fines you have to put in the budget because we svortano common on the financial statements on any slightest infraction santoperiddio but there must be a well- no limit?)

I mad. Because this means not only that the idiot has parked as he was better but also that there has shit the car without asking why, I say, if the bus could not go any other way then a significant size would not be passed and then courier vans, trucks and anything else is traffic.

But you can be idiots, I say?

furious I phoned him, of course waking. It was 11 o'clock in the morning and the evening before he had worked. Because obviously now got around that the night is done around the cock and the day we sleep, who has worked or not.

had, how not?, Why him, park them all, he was unlucky, he did not know that there was passing the bus (there was the leg of the stop, think a little!) And he still had me quel'infrazione said that there had also paid the forced removal. And no that does not waste money in this period that he is not home to spend. Think you sacrifice!

I sent him an email in which I spit all the venom I inside: a big head to be used only to shoot shit, to a 26y.o. who stays at home for not spending money instead of going out to earn money in, one who says he looked for work but that is not nothing (nor white, neither black, nor do the baby sitter, dog sitter, the cook, the longshoreman, the painter, the cleaner at all). Yes, why not? In fact, in the city there are signs reading "Wanted XY - experienced barista" ... There is little work and what there is in appalling condition, it is true, but there to work three days (nights) a week and there is enough in my opinion runs much . Me to cast doubt.

And let me also to take repeatedly slapped in the face of all the mirrors in the house to not be able to withstand the 'sufferings' or 'hardship' inflicted on my children who, as always, when I get up angry shot to 0 and then just pass me I thought the pulp of their grief.

And then, when I know that the blood of your blood, takes € 800 per month and spends 350 on rent my heart is aching to shrug and pay the incredibly high fines that often when they get home (for Not to mention the unpleasant but possible side effect while the car is registered to me and if that do not pay us end up in trouble myself).

And these children have large eyes, full of desire for mostly not being heard, and I would give it everything and then a little bit. Because if I see one thing that I like a lot and I can not buy me turn tanticchia boxes and that's it. Instead, in my brain bacatissimo , if they want something they could afford (and this because what happens always objectively with € 450 bills are not taken months to remain crabs) here is that this will procure the fruit of my loins a deep existential angst that I can not even think of being able to bear. Pore \u200b\u200bstars.

I do not like mommy blogging because frankly I think are excessive drawl and all these sickly before the whole world how to bring the creature giving him anything more delicious on the market (be it mainstream or do anything against the increasingly de la creme we are looking for the cream). I do not like the mommy blogging here also because we have already given, thank you, now you do well that I have to laugh. And anyway, compared to the drawl of the above I think it was a corporal of the army so I think I have made them toe the line of my creatures.

Well, despite not loving the mommy blogging, are sometimes tempted to intervene in a loud voice shouting "TRY FOR MY LORD NOT A MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF DISTILLATE FIGAGGINE your kids BUT TO TAKE SERIOUS CONSIDERATION IN THE USE OF THE OLD ass WHY 'He began to have serious reason to believe that by dint of DO EVERYTHING' I can to AND THEN YOU STILL HAVE THEM A piece I ruined my life "

'm so pissed off but so pissed off that I think I lost weight (taaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa happened, but that's another par sleeves) because I automangiata everything from liver onwards. Sgruntissimo.

incazzatura In my last night, after dinner chiacchierosissima (altolĂ ! full compliance with the diet, pardonnemuĂ  ) with ex-colleague not seen in 20 (twenty states ) years, have passed under our house and I had the impression that what he had just turned the corner he was. Along the same road I arrived in the square that the figure was still visible and in fact I think that was him.

I have not called.

And last night I dreamed bad. Indeed, very badly.

(subtitle: how sad )


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